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Topend Events & Promotions Pty Ltd ACN 612 596 906 TA Topend Kids Events respects individual privacy and the rights of individuals and companies to control their personal information. Topend Kids Events  has adopted this Privacy Policy to ensure that we handle your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act. Topend Kids Events understands that the security of your personal information is important to you. We are committed to protecting the personal information you provide to us and which we collect from you. This Privacy Policy sets out information about how we collect and deal with personal information.

How We Collect and Hold Personal Information

Topend Kids Events collects your personal information that you voluntarily and knowingly provide when you register with Topend Kids Events:

  • you submit your details to us via email or contact form via our website or

  • you contact us by telephone to make an enquiry about us or our services we can offer to you. Your personal information is held in both electronic form and hard copy.  Whilst every care is taken to protect your information, personal or company information transmitted to us, it is transmitted at your own risk due to the nature of electronic transmissions.

  • In addition to data collected from your submissions, we may also collect data on your internet behaviour from Facebook, other social media sites, and other services you give us access to.

Purpose for Collecting, Holding, and Using Information

Topend Kids Events will use or disclose your personal information for the following purposes and where possible collects information for the following purposes but not limed to:

  • to enable us to fulfil your requests for our services and confirm transactions with you

  • to place you in jobs with potential clients

  • to provide you with information about services, opportunities, promotions, special offers

  • to respond to any query or complaint that you may make

  • to confirm your identity

  • for internal administration, account keeping and invoicing purposes.

This may occur both where you have consented to the disclosure and you would reasonably expect that your information will be disclosed.

We disclose information, including personal information such as your name, photos and physical measurements for public view as part of your portfolio.  We do not disclose sensitive information on the Website or Disclose of certain personal information to potential clients. Clients shall contact us for further information regarding our staff and contractors. When your personal information is disclosed on our Website or via email that information may be accessed by individuals anywhere in the world.  Topend Kids Events has no control over the subsequent use and disclosure of that personal information and cannot be accountable under the Privacy Act for any subsequent use. Your personal information may be provided to third party contractors engaged to perform functions or provide services relating to the purposes for which we collect personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy. For example, we may provide your personal information to firms engaged by us to assist with our marketing campaigns. We may also use or disclose your personal information if required or authorised by law.

The personal information we hold will be securely kept in accordance with our internal security policy and the law.

Type of Information Topend Kids Events Collects and Holds about you

Your personal information about you is information or which is reasonably identifiable as you, whether or not the information is true and whether or not the information is recorded in a physical form. The types of personal information that we collect and hold include:

  • full name and age

  • photos of you

  • physical measurements, gender and descriptions

  • contact details such as mobile number, address and email address

  • RSA (responsible service of alcohol) Certificate details

  • financial details such as banking accounts, credit card details, Australian Business Number information, superannuation and Tax File Number details

  • Information on your specific skills and abilities and interests.

it is your responsibility to update your details and information with those changes, so that we can keep our records complete, accurate and up to date.

Topend Kids Events does not sell, rent or otherwise make available any of your personal information to third parties. However, we may outsource certain business functions to other organisations. Your personal information may be provided as requested, transferred or handled by our related companies, organisations which provide services to us, credit providers or government/statutory austerities, this information is only for the purpose of providing services to Topend Events & Promotions

Access to or correction of your personal information

You may request access to your personal information that we hold, and you may seek the correction of such information by contacting our Director or Privacy Officer via our contact us page or

Please note that records of personal information relating to employment or services we provide you must be kept by Topend Kids Events  for a period of seven (7) years.

Complaints About A Privacy Breach

If you believe that we have breached the Australian Privacy Principles in any way, please direct your complaint to us at one of the contact points set out above. Our Director or Privacy Officer will review your complaint and liaise with you to resolve your complaint.

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time. If Topend Kids Events changes this Privacy Policy we will post those changes onto our website. Amendments will be effective immediately upon being placed on the website.

Last updated July 2020

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